Plants and the secrets of good health and beauty

Posted on November 21, 2010


Dr. Pamukoff, MD, Scientific Phytotherapy Pioneer: Why has the application of Scientific Phytotherapy and herbal teas had a positive impact on people’s lifestyles… and even beauty?

Contemporary science is successful in its study of the nature of human organism, examining a vast array of biological processes. At the same time the branch of medicine that we call Herbal Medicine has existed since the beginning of humanity. It has passed the test of time with thousands of years of history of successful application. Scientific Phytotherapy, also known as Phytotherapy is modern herbal medicine at its best and plants find their real place after strict laboratory and clinical tests. Phyto, which is the Greek for “derived from plants”, merges active plant botanicals with modern science for wholesome formulas that travel to the root of the problem.

“Modern women and men are exposed to stress, hectic lifestyle and chemical pollution. Those affect your immune system, energy levels and often natural beauty. Phytotherapy can help to effectively regulate body processes and maintain balance. It should be applied properly in order to be effective.

There are around 60 chemical components that are found in the human body. Many of them, although in microscopic quantities, contribute to the normal work of all systems. The elements in a herbal tea can regulate life processes. When a substance made of a whole medicinal plant, such as a herbal tea, is used, the human body receives many beneficial microelements and biological substances. The human organism easily and naturally absorbs these ingredients. Herbs have a medicinal effect as well as a general fortifying effect.

Natural beauty, good metabolism and strong immune system are all linked to general health.

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