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Plants and Food Help Diabetes

February 1, 2011


Plants and food help diabetes and can regulate blood sugar levels. Good foods include green beans, lettuce, and beetroot. Adding cinnamon powder to your coffee and in food, as it also regulates blood sugar. Medicinal plants are beneficial in many cases of diabetes. Use of medicinal herbs and food, combined with diet, is safe in […]

Effective Natural Treatment with Medicinal Plants • Practical Phytotherapy

December 2, 2010


Plants are beneficial in our modern healthy lifestyle as medicines that balance many key processes. The effective treatment with herbal teas requires deep knowledge of the chemical composition and the pharmacodynamic action of the chemicals in the plants. The combination of many medicinal plants with the same effect is not needed but in some cases […]

Plants and the secrets of good health and beauty

November 21, 2010


Dr. Pamukoff, MD, Scientific Phytotherapy Pioneer: Why has the application of Scientific Phytotherapy and herbal teas had a positive impact on people’s lifestyles… and even beauty? Contemporary science is successful in its study of the nature of human organism, examining a vast array of biological processes. At the same time the branch of medicine that […]

Modern Phyto lifestyle…

November 21, 2010


We will aim to give you the latest phyto news how plants can support your busy lifestyle.